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Sana Hastakala is a Nepalese Fair Trade Organization. Sana Hastakala means “small handicrafts” in Nepali. We are Nepal based retail store and export company that sells quality handcrafted goods around the world. All of the products are either handmade in Sana Hastakala’s own production unit or come from small scale producers across Nepal. Sana Hastakala markets the products of 60 producers, projects and organizations, directly benefiting approximately 1200 individual producers from every region of Nepal. Above all else, Sana Hastakala is dedicated to fostering the resurgence of traditional craft skills and the use of modern techniques. By doing so, Nepal’s underprivileged, predominately female,handicraft producers will achievesustainable livelihoods. See our online catalogue or visit our store in Lalitpur to purchase fair trade products and support Nepal’s talented producers.

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